CAK Sunny 800 puffs 2,0 ml TPD

Product type: disposable e-cigarette, does not contain tobacco

Puffs: up to 800 puffs
E-liquid capacity: 2,0 ml
Nicotine content: 20 mg/ml (2%)
Battery: built-in 500 mAh high-quality battery, not rechargeable
Packaging: display boxes of 10 pieces (one flavor)

The product is TPD-compliant and notified in national EU-CEG databases in Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Spain, France, Croatia, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Slovenia and United Kingdom. The product is also approved for retail sales in Spain by Spanish Ministry of Health.

It is recommended to check and validate the EU-CEG notification data provided by the manufacturer and the legality of retail sales of the product from the national EU-CEG check-points prior to import and launch of sales in the country.

Flavors (EC-ID numbers / date of EU-CEG registration):
Apple Peach (EC-ID 07727-22-00001 / 25.4.2022)
Strawberry Milkshake (EC-ID 07727-22-00002 / 25.4.2022)
Cola Ice (EC-ID 07727-22-00003 / 25.4.2022)
Blueberry Jelly (EC-ID 07727-22-00004 / 25.4.2022)
Menthol (EC-ID 07727-22-00005 / 25.4.2022)

Price: EUR 4.80 per piece including VAT 21%* + shipping cost door-door**
Minimum order: 10 pieces (1 display box) of 1 flavor
* – for EU clients with valid EU VAT number VAT will be 0% (final price for payment per piece will be €3.97 + shipping cost)
** – shipping cost depends on order quantity and delivery address, will be quoted in our proforma invoice

Send your order with exact shipping address (including postal code), name, surname and phone number (this data is required for invoicing and parcel service) by email to

Proforma Invoice for payment by bank transfer will be emailed to you within 24 hours and order will be shipped within 48 hours after arrival of payment